2022 Updates

Project page for 2022 website updates (this page): https://underpassparkmarket.com/2022-Updates/
Vendors working list: Vendors-2022-June: https://underpassparkmarket.com/Vendors-2022-June/
♥ Our Vendors – 2022-June ♥: https://underpassparkmarket.com/our-vendors-2022-june/

List of desired updates:

  1. Vendors List – Bring it fully up-to-date (remove old vendors, add new ones, ensure links are comprehensive).
  2. Volunteers Page – Bring it up-to-date. Call it “Our Team” (or something like that). Shath has photos and ideas for brief captions which should be included for
    • Shath – the market manager (there’s a great photo of her as a volunteer from last year)
    • Founders (Suzanne Kavanagh, Socrates Apallas, Kara Isert)
    • Volunteers
  3. DONE – News Section – Put the news section on the home page.
  4. DONE – Implement easy method for quickly creating and editing new posts by multiple team members.
  5. Find Us Page Improvements – Incorporate a map and some photos on the Find Us page, especially a map of the area. Can Shath make one and give it to Nigel?

Editor Account for quick and easy post authoring and editing:
userid: editor
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Extremely useful discovery: WordPress accepts markdown using simple copy and paste . If you write your post in markdown in a text editor, you can literally copy and paste it into the WordPress editor and it will format everything correctly and add it to the post.

Vendor List Updates

2022-JUNE-11 Saturday – From Webmaster:
I have done more work on the vendors list. All work has been done on new draft development pages that cannot be found publicly. Here are the links to view the respective pages:


  1. Do you still want to use the same pop-out page format? If yes there will be a fair bit of work in gathering photos of each new vendor and writing blurbs for the pop-outs. There are 24 new vendors (see the Vendors-2022-June page).